Invest in sustainability.
There is no Planet-B.

About Us

Cleantech is needed

Protecting the environment is one of the world's biggest challenges. It is also one of the world's biggest opportunities for innovation and business growth.


Planet-A-Technology Partners is dedicated to businesses with a positive environmental and social mission. We partner with entrepreneurs and technologists to fund and develop sustainable businesses. 

Active management approach

Our team is made of entrepreneurs, business and technology experts with proven track records in cleantech businesses. We add value via an active management approach.

About Us

Because there is no Plan-B when it comes to protecting our planet.

Planet-A-Technology Partners is a community of investors and professionals who help create, fund and develop businesses with a positive social and environmental mission.

Venture capital & Licensing

Seed & series A investments

Technology licensing

Active management support

Tell us about your project

We are interested in small companies with big plans. Plans for the business and plans to impact the world positively. Lets meet and talk about your project.


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